As preferred manufacturer of most bench top brands we can offer a wide range of material and colour options. Depending on your personal preferences and the application there is a perfect option for you.

Talk to our team for some guidance in deciding which material suits your project best.


Engineered Stone is a composite material consisting of approximately 93% crushed Natural Quartz bound together by a polymer resin. It can be used in similar applications as other materials like Granite and Marble with the exception of outdoor use. As it is manmade it offers greater uniformity, strength and most materials have a warranty.

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Laminate bench tops are a low maintenance and durable surface. There is a wide range of colours,  finishes and edge profiles to choose from, so you can achieve the exact look you want. Laminate is suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

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Ultra compact slabs are the newest trend in bench top material and include Sintered stone, Porcelain and Ceramic slabs. The compact nature of these slabs makes them versatile and great to be used as counter tops, flooring, walling, fireplace surrounds and more. These materials have a higher heat resistance than their Quartz and Laminate counter parts.

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These unique and individual slabs are mother natures creativeness at its best. They provide a variety of colour and pattern alternatives. Granite is a durable surface solution which has a high heat resistance, while Marble offers luxury and elegance. Onyx, with its translucent nature, is often used as statement pieces.

Discuss with our team regarding your selection of Granite, Marble or Onyx for your project.


Granite counter top and bench top installations

Marble slab installations, Stair cases, vanities

Onyx Slab installations

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